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We will help you to obtain Armenian, Eurasian or PCT patent on invention or utility model, maintain validity of the patent and to accomplish all possible actions regarding it.


We conduct searches, prepare and file applications, objections against official decisions, oppositions against trademark registration, file renewal requests and various other services related to trademarks.

Industrial Designs

Our specialists will register your industrial design in Armenia, pay the renewal fees, will record license and assignment agreements and accomplish all other necesary actions concerning the designs.

Domain Names

Our company will check availability of your domain name and accomplish its registration, renew its validity as well as protect your interests at the Court in case of necessity.



Patent attorneys of Nahapet & Co provide highly skilled services in registration of industrial designs, including preparing and filing of a design application and its further prosecution at the Armenian Intellectual Property Agency, as well as timely renewal of the registration.

In case of infringement on the rights of the owner of industrial design our attorneys will represent his interests before the Board of Appeal of the Armenian IP Agency or the Court.

We shall also assist in drawing and recordal of license agreement or assignment agreement in respect of the rights for industrial design.


For filing an application for industrial design the following information and documentation is required:

- Title of industrial design;

- Name and address of the applicant and the author(s);

- Photo(s) or graphical image(s) of the design, completely or partially disclosing the outward appearance of the product or products included in one application (7 specimens);

- Description of industrial design (desirable);

- On claiming convention priority – a certified copy of prior application, which is to be submitted within 3 months from the application filing date;

- Power of Attorney duly signed and sealed by the applicant, otherwise notarized. The Power can be submitted either along with the application materials or within 2 months from the application filing date. 




General form of the Power of Attorney     PDF          Word

Form of the PoA limited to industrial designs     PDF          Word     

Form of the Assignment Deed for registered designs     PDF          Word

Form of the Assigment Deed for pending aplications     PDF          Word